Dangers of Faulty Fireworks

We associate fireworks with joy and celebrations, yet faulty devices have ruined countless events by causing severe harm and burns to people. To this day, many are unaware of the dangers and the correct handling of pyrotechnic articles.

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A real milestone: CerTrust obtains EU accreditation in three different fields

Our company might also be the first to obtain “UK Approved Body” status in the assessment of pyrotechnic articles.

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How to avoid the hazards of industrial robotics?

As industrial robots become more popular, customers wonder whether they are safe to implement. Although they can tremendously improve the ergonomic conditions in a production area, some still have the impression that robots can create an unsafe work envi

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Successful accreditation according to ISO 17025:2018

We are pleased to inform our partners that CERTRUST has been accredited according to MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard for the following products

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Our new company: ComformiTICs Lab Ltd.

The new laboratory conducts tests in accordance with standards at the site of the company in Váci út , Budapest, performed by technical experts who possess great proficiency and experience. 

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Do you think you know what robots are used for? Here’s an overview of the various types!

Robotics are clearly going to be a field where extreme technological improvements take place in this century - but are we already familiar with the types of robots that exist? It’s not quite easy to categorize automatons: they come in very different shapes and sizes, and yet many of them share the same features regarding their function and capabilities.

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What exactly is U-Space and why is it important for the future of drone traffic?

Up until recently, the use of drones was highly unregulated and carried a significant risk. A new framework now makes it possible to use them safely and efficiently.

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QTICS Group: With a global network at the head of the TIC sector

We are delighted to inform all our Partners that CerTrust Ltd. is a member of QTICS Group

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Transfer of certificates

The CerTrust Ltd. has taken over all the remaining valid certificates issued by TÜV Rheinland InterCert Ltd - Notified Body 1008 according to Directive 2013/29/EU and 2007/23/EC on October 14 based on the bilateral agreement between CerTrust and TÜV and in accordance with the decree of the notifying authority (ORFK).

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With new notifications for serving our Partners

As a result of preparation for Drone certification according to (EU) 2019/945 Regulation and to further widen the scope of our notifications to provide one gate services to our highly valued customers, CerTrust has successfully obtained 3 new notifications for the following directives

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Certificate transfer from SNCH

An agreement between CerTrust and Societé Nationale de Certification et d'Homologation (SNCH - Notified Body 0499) has been signed to take over and transfer the module B and module D certificates issued by SNCH in accordance with Directive 2013/29/EU Pyrotechnic articles (recast of 2007/23/EC) on the field of pyrotechnic articles for vehicles with the consent of the respective manufacturers.

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