Testing and approval

According to Regulation (EC) 2003/2003, ammonium nitrate based fertilizers traded in Europe must comply with the safety requirements accepted by EU member states. One aspect of these requirements is verifying its resistance to detonation.

This fertilizer is a basic ingredient of ANFO type explosives. Therefore, it is essential to verify the detonation capability in order to ensure the safety usage and transportation within EU.

For testing we implemented the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 2003/2003 so we are able to carry out the test to verify the detonation resistance of the ammonium nitrate based fertilizers.

Our issued test reports are widely accepted in EU and basis of the conformance of ammonium nitrate fertilizers. We conduct the test in the following manner:

  • We measure the physical properties especially the density of fertilizer before and after the thermal conditioning. The thermal conditioning will induce the changes of crystal structure which will have significant influence on the sensitivity.
  • Thermal conditioning is carried out simultaneously on two samples, firstly it is heated from room temperature to 51°C and kept on this temperature for 1 hour, and then it is cooled back to 25°C maintaining this temperature for 1 hour. During the cyclical test we repeat this process in order to reach the recrystallization in the physical structure.
  • To measure the resistance of detonation we detonate an appropriate amount of fertilizer according to the specified testing regulation and evaluate the test results.

We compile and provide a detailed test report to our clients with a declaration the resistance to detonation which is in accordance with the Regulation (EC) No. 2003/2003 (Annex III. 2.).

This report is obligatory for the free and legal sale and transportation within European Union (EU).

For a quotation please contact us and provide the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and quantity (lot number of the manufacture) intended to place onto the market and we will provide you with our estimate shortly.

With our expert reports you receive:

  • Limits of resistance to detonation
  • Heat treatment diagrams, Picture documentation, microscopic examination
  • Illustrations, diagrams and summary, additionally expert reports in any language upon request

If you need any further information, please contact us!