Organic fertilisers are another category. These are typically produced from an organic matter of plant or animal origin, serving as either nutrient supply to crops or as a conditioner to improve soil structure. Likewise, mineral fertilizers are made out of substances of mineral origin and can have multiple functions. Compost is another category that refers to fertilisers produced through a composting process. It uses materials of either organic, inorganic, or mineral origin and can serve as either nutrient supply to crops, or improve the nutrient supply capacity of the soil.

Worm compost, on the other hand, is sieved earthworm excrement used for the purposes above. Microbiological products contain microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, or algae), which improve soil fertility and impact plant development. Fertilisers can also be grouped by use. Soil improvers are applied to change unfavorable properties and to maintain the beneficial properties of the soil, while conditioner products have a beneficial effect on the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil.

Plant conditioner products influence the growth, yield, and general conditions of plants. They impact plant life cycles by influencing nutrient supply. Finally, growing medium refers to any soil and other substrates that provide a suitable medium for plants for rooting and growing. 

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