According to Regulation (EU) 2019/945, unmanned aircraft systems must comply with the  essential requirements (ER) before being placed on the EU market. Manufacturers shall ensure that their products meet the essential safety requirements. A notified body must be involved in the conformity assessment procedures in case of unmanned aircraft class 1, class 2, and class 3 and may be involved in case of unmanned aircraft class 0, class 4 and add-ons.

Our testing and certification process bases on the standards of the European Union. Our testing and certification activities cover the open category unmanned aircraft systems and add-ons of the Regulation.

Conformity assessment procedure to CE mark

The conformity assessment procedures under Regulation (EU) 2019/945 maybe chosen by the manufacturers:  

  1. Conformity assessment Module A — Internal production control: For unmanned aircraft class 0, class 4 and add-ons only.
  2. Conformity assessment Modules B and C — EU-type examination and conformity to type based on internal production control.
  3. Conformity assessment Module H — Conformity based on full quality assurance.

As the Regulation in EU is in the transitional period, the accreditations and notifications of the to be Notified Bodies are in progress.

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