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Wireless devices are widely operated across the world, both for personal or professional purposes, therefore radio-frequency radiation (RFR) exposure is widespread.

Radiation is not the only danger to which we are exposed from radio equipment. International research clearly shows that wireless equipment is shown to be affected much more by cybersecurity attacks compared to wired devices. Due to inefficient protection, devices like radio equipment are vulnerable to third parties inappropriately obtaining personal data, including for the purposes of fraud or misuse. 

In order to avoid these critical issues as well as make uniformity in the use of devices, the European Commission has set unified standards, with which all radio equipment placed to the Union’s Single Market must comply with.

Why is it important to get the radio equipment RED certified?

Technology develops and changes at an extreme pace, thus its regulation requires innovative solutions and a strategy with a preventive approach. The European Community has therefore revised and supplemented the former set of rules (R&TTE) and created the Radio Equipment Directive, which is a broad uniform set of rules. The Directive also serves as a basis for additional regulations – in cybersecurity, for instance.

What is Radio Equipment Directive (RED)?

The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU sets an international regulatory framework for manufacturing radio equipment. It was introduced in 2016 replacing the R&TTE Directive and now is a governing regulation for all EU member countries. According to the Directive, all radio equipment must comply with the Essential Safety Requirements (ESR) before being placed on the EU market. Manufacturers and distributors must assure that their products meet the basic requirements of safety and health, electromagnetic compatibility, and efficient use of the radio spectrum.

Besides, RED serves as the foundation for following regulations in related areas such as fraud prevention, privacy, and sensitive data protection. Additional aspects cover access to emergency services, interoperability, and proper operation between radio equipment and software.

RED Notified Body and Conformity assessment

All manufacturers and distributors who want to place their radio equipment (transmitters and/or receivers) in the EU Single Market must prove compliance by getting their products certified against the RED. The Directive requires the involvement of an EU Notified Body in the conformity assessment procedure. 

Equipment that falls within the scope of RED:

– Televisions and radio receivers, which were not covered by the R&TTE

– Equipment operating below 9 kHz

– Radio-determination equipment

– Any other radio equipment which was under the R&TTE (except fixed-line terminal equipment and custom-built evaluation kits)

How can QTICS Group help you to get your device certified?

QTICS Group is a rapidly developing industrial participant in the international Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) industry. QTICS Group employs the network-building philosophy in its strategic operations, both in terms of its professional portfolio and worldwide development. The Group’s member firms hold and develop national, European, and worldwide authorizations to deliver objective, and independent conformity assessment assistance as a one-stop shop:

Radio Equipment Directive certification process with CerTrust

CerTrust Ltd. is well-known in the sector for its competence in radio equipment testing and certification process. We are proud of being a Notified Body in the European Union for the conformity assessment procedures for radio equipment devices. Our RED certifications cover all of the directive‘s categories and we make sure to keep ourselves up to date with the newest developments and regulations. 

CerTrust Notified Body: Conformity assessment of radio equipment according to Directive 2014/53/EU

Unique overview of RED:

Conformitics Lab: independent product testing

At ConformiTICs Lab we serve multiple industry areas with independent testing and inspection services related to product safety. Our technical experts carry out testing according to international standards with outstanding routine and experience. As a part of the RED conformity assessment procedure testing of radio equipment is accomplished in this laboratory.

Cybersecurity compliance with CCLab

The Official Journal of the European Union released delegated rule 2022/30/EU on January 12 2022, implementing compliance requirements to RED Article 3.3 d, e, and f. The regulation strengthens personal data privacy, cybersecurity, and fraud security for wireless devices placed in the EU market and applies to all devices that communicate through the internet. 

For example:

– mobile phones, laptops, tablets

– fitness trackers, smartwatches and other wearable devices

– wireless toys and safety devices for kids eg. baby monitors

Manufacturers and distributors must comply their devices with the new cyber security regulation latest by August 1, 2024.

CCLab is an internationally recognized and accredited laboratory in the field of cybersecurity evaluations. Our experienced professionals provide comprehensive assistance to keep your product compliant with the latest cybersecurity regulations and standards.

Let’s talk about RED! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions on the subject.

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