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null CerTrust - TÜV agreement

CerTrust - TÜV agreement

An agreement between CerTrust and TÜV Rheinland InterCert has been signed to take over and transfer the module B and module C2/E/D certificates issued by TÜV Rheinland InterCert issued in accordance with both Directive 2013/29/EU Pyrotechnic articles (recast of 2007/23/EC) and 2014/28/EU Explosives for civil use (recast of 93/15/EEC) for those Clients, which concluded a bilateral agreement about the transition with TÜV.

CerTrust continues to provide NoBo services for those Clients, in order to ensure and back-up their quality management system certificates (Module D/E) under not less favorable conditions then the ones given by TÜV and to ensure that those Clients do not lose their already certified product family certificates (Module B).

In order to transfer the certification related documents of those Clients, the Client shall give its consent by signing the termination and transition agreement with TÜV and shall conclude a service contract with CerTrust. The transfer of documents is carried out by TÜV without any additional cost to the Clients.

CerTrust has accepted the certification schemes and procedures of TÜV and takes responsibility of the module B, C2, D and E certificates issued previously by TÜV.

For the Clients, which concluded the bilateral agreement about the transition with TÜV and contracted with CerTrust,  CerTrust is entitled to issue additional certificates (add new variants to the existing type certificates) and OEM certificates ("duplicate" certificates to a third company based on the original certificate of a manufacturer) with the consent of the original manufacturer (certificate owner).

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Certainly CerTrust – NoBo 2806 -  is more than happy to serve any of its existing, transferred and new applicant Clients with its professional Test, Audit and Certification Services!


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