QTICS Group: With a global network at the head of the TIC sector

We are delighted to inform all our Partners that CerTrust Ltd. is a member of QTICS Group

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Why is there a need for strict drone inspection?

Thorough drone inspection is the only way to prevent serious accidents.

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Fireworks and pyrotechnics policy in the European Union

The goal of the fireworks policy in the European Union is to synchronize and standardize the national regulations of the EU member states for the control of pyrotechnics.

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EU fertiliser products regulation and - Part 1 - The obligations of manufacturers and distributors regarding fertilisers

EU fertilising products - which are CE marked when made available on the market - shall only be made available if they comply with the EU Regulation 2019/1009, detailed below. In this summary, we look at the first part of the regulation that entails the obligations of manufacturers and distributors regarding fertilisers.

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The types of drones and their characteristic

As symbolic devices of the 21st century, drones come in various shapes and sizes: even the number of their arms and motors can differ. But what kind of drones are in use today? How do we categorize them, and where are they most commonly used?

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What is Radio Equipment Directive and how can you get your product certified?

We live in a technologically dependent generation in which development is so fast that their impact on our health and safety is almost untraceable.

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Drone delivery between hospitals

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) has announced that it has entered into agreements to deploy a drone delivery solution to form a new transportation route for Oakville Hospital.

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Conformity and safety of industrial robot systems - Description of service

CerTrust Ltd. member of QTICS Group, whose portfolio of services for industrial robot systems

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Britain’s car industry is on the decline after Brexit

With the fuel crisis, the chip shortage, and production at an all-time low, the debate is revived about the impact of Brexit on the British automotive supply chain.

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Types of EU fertilisers

Fertilisers are widely adopted in agriculture, but what kind of products are on the market? There are various types, including chemical substances, which are manufactured using chemical processes and provide nutrient supply to crops.

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Dangers of Faulty Fireworks

We associate fireworks with joy and celebrations, yet faulty devices have ruined countless events by causing severe harm and burns to people. To this day, many are unaware of the dangers and the correct handling of pyrotechnic articles.

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A real milestone: CerTrust obtains EU accreditation in three different fields

Our company might also be the first to obtain “UK Approved Body” status in the assessment of pyrotechnic articles.

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